There is a hill and there is a man.

A security guard, a parking guy, a mad man, a vigilante, a hero, an alien, an evil spirit, an hallucination…

Nobody knows what he is, what he does and, most of all, why he does it.

A reported sighting of the Miremengjesi Man (a.k.a. the Morning Man).

Sun, rain, snow, storms, wind, you name it… The weather does not affect him. He stands.

Stray dogs, drivers and pedestrians have learned to respect him.

I have kept seeing him everyday during my stay in Kosovo and, according to locals, he happens to stand there since at least the last 3 years. We do not know how long he has been standing there, it could pretty much be all his life.

The only thing we know about him is his relentless morning attitude. Everyday at 6 a.m. he stands in the same spot on a hill within the Kosovan Capital.

The Miremengjesi Man, that in Albanian translates in the “Man of the Good Morning,” is the most picturesque attraction the city of Pristina has to offer.

His consistent presence and interactivity make him one of the modern masterpieces of performance art; some Kosovans even claim he is the 8th wonder of the world.

“In a time of crazy changes, the mirmengjesi man is the constant that we need to stay sane.”

– Independent Poets of Kosova

He can be met everyday going uphill on Rrustem Statovci street right after passing the Pristina City Park. Despite his unwelcoming looks, he will always reply to a Good Morning or a waving hand, hence his nickname.

The magic spot in which the Morning Man usually appears.

Outside of his standing schedule, he vanishes into oblivion as if he never existed outside of your head.

It is unlikely to see him again throughout the day. However, he might reappear randomly and unexpectedly behind some corner or side alley of Rrustem Statovci street. If jump scares are art, the Morning Man is Pablo Picasso.

People state they have seen him doing some sudden, weird movements from afar. A typical move he does: he lifts his left leg, puts his arms in front of him and partially-rotates his hands in the air hectically.

In order to improve the overall experience, I suggest to grab a toplia pastry in the furra nearby (a.k.a. bakery) for just €0,35. It is the only shop open during the Morning Man’s apparition hours and can be found in the corner between Rrustem Statovci and Gustav Meyer streets.

A sketch of the Miremengjesi Man from a pedestrian.
  • Black fanny pack under the right armpit,
  • voluminous beer belly,
  • and a constantly-angry facial expression.

These are the known features of this incredible being.

The rest is beyond our understanding, but this is exactly why the Morning Man is so great at what he does. I am sure his mysterious existence and habits will live on and inspire generations.


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