• You know what? Screw dieting, keto, vegan, whatever, I will prioritize energy levels, so no food prior to morning exercise, then a chicken burger to stay awake and recharge.
  • National library of Kosovo looks cool but it’s an oven. Do not approach without flip flops and shorts. I have talked with the library guy in German, I am happy my memory is not totally impaired.
  • Found out that protein powders went up a lot in price. Even buying them online costs more than €30.00/kg. I remember a time not long ago when these costed €15.00/kg. Business opportunity?
  • Kept phone in a locker. Never going back.
  • Managed to stick to the 1 hour of Thai chay may khrap? chay. Still no clue on how to write or translate the language digitally.
  • I have had a 2nd BJJ training today evening. Manageable if you eat correctly.
  • Had this weird idea, apparently there is an Italian pizza guy working in Pristina, I may ask if I can work with him to improve in the art of pizza.
  • Read about Web Architecture. It might be a good idea to learn a little of SQL in the future.
  • Story about Ron Bruder: Ron goes out with his daughter and asks her what a red sign with the text “do not walk” means to her. She replies: “to not move I guess”, he replies “what if it means we should run?”
  • Jiu Jitsu practitioner recommended John Danaher’s BJJ course as a revolution. Will watch it one day.
  • Stuff I want to tackle tomorrow:
    • Check how whey proteins are made and why they are expensive. /did not do it
    • What the hell is seitan? Is it good? How is it made? /did not do it
    • Checking out the pizza guy’s place. /did not do it
    • Cherish the hill + BJJ Training in the morning.
    • 1 hour of Thai. /was tired and did 10 minutes audio only.
    • Read 30 pages of “Start with Why” – S. Sinek. /did not do it
    • Personal project take it further. /did not do it
    • next log.

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