• Knowing a pharmacist has its perks.
  • Herpes is for life, 70% of people do not show signs of it.
  • Saggy skin from weight loss does not go away. Cold showers and body lotions have some effect if applied regularly.
  • There are premade 50g protein shakes for €1.85. Ok, it should be less in another shop but have not found it.
  • Cutting tips for persistent belly fat:
    • Soluble fiber (blueberries, legumes, avocado).
    • Reduce trans fats.
    • No alcohol and sugar.
    • Less, good carbs; lots of proteins.
    • Reduce stress and sleep well.
    • Track nutrients; do Cardio and HIIT.
    • Drink diluted apple cider vinegar, green tea and eat lemons.
    • Intermittent fasting.
  • I found a place in Kosovo that does great salads and does not serve ancient tuna!
  • Why would you lie to others? Hate these people. I hope they get rated by Chinese cyber systems and socially-avoided for eternity.

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