• Old man jiu-jitsu looks still fun.
  • “Thank you” is such a good word. You don’t give a shit when you hear it, you get mad when you don’t.
  • Gjakova is a nice city and there is a €1 pizza.
  • Lakes in Kosovo are fabulous.
  • Even the kindest pacifist can become a choking machine if he trains long enough.
  • Shiites and Sunnis are descendants of Muhammad. Shiites believe in the true bloodline of Muhammad and Ali and Imams must descend from them. ISIS terrorists belong to extremist Sunnis.
  • You cannot hurt yourself according to Coran.
  • Main summary of Coran: “just don’t be a dick.”
  • The Old Testament is fun as fuck and I should read it at a certain point.

By Doc

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