• I choose to trust people. I can ask for other people’s advice and consider it, but ultimately I have my own values and my own judgement and this can result in unusual deeds.
  • Two hearts are good for nothing. One heart and a couple of lungs have synergy.
  • Low-bush blueberries are smaller than high-bush blueberries. Low-bush are healthier, high-bush ones are bigger and more profitable.
  • How to lend money to friends?
    • You want to help a friend and you should. Money comes and goes; good friends stay.
    • Consider it a gift in case of small sums. In case they ask for money again remind them about the previous borrowing.
    • For bigger sums (heavy chunks of your current wealth), trust your friend and lend the money out if he deems to use such money for his wellbeing (which does NOT mean fueling his drug addictions).
      • For your emotional wellbeing, discuss about methods of paying you back, especially if the friend does not have many regular interactions with you.
      • You should not be afraid to ruin the friendship or offend the friend IF you really do not have it or you have some important outflows planned. IF you can and you care, do it; it feels good.
      • Keep a sort of written paper in which your friend promises you to pay you back with date and signature. It is pretty much worth shit, but it has a deeper effect on his memory and his moral obligation.
      • Consideration: I have found it is pretty easy to say that you can help financially. It easy to live with it when the money has left your pockets. You feel like shit and doubts become overwhelming when you get separated from in it in multiple occasions over a period of time. So make it quick and never look back! It feels way better to give 1k in one sitting than giving 500 and 500 over 2 days.
  • How to make a focus group? I will read about it tomorrow.

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