• €108.90 for a tiny book about Kosovo? Dukagjini Library WTF!?!
  • Adem Jashari was a leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army who was killed by Serbs and remembered as a martyr. His death strengthened the Independence sentiment.
  • Serbs spread rumors about organ trafficking in Kosovo which happened to be false upon investigation. Outsiders still believe these rumors are true.
  • Today there is the Inauguration of the Astronomy Club. Although they do not have a telescope, we should be able to see Mercury. I have invited a guy called Mercury (Merkur). *They had a telescope and the event was quite nice.
  • I believe that the Putin-Ukraine situation is different from the Milosevic-Kosovo situation. American propaganda loves to make them look similar.
  • If a Kosovan waiter likes you and offers you food and /or drinks for free you should not tip him, because he does it for honor.
  • Hostels in Madrid are the worst experience ever if you have over 50 years old and you come from Argentina. They let Miguel sleep on the street. Motherfuckers!

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