• Love can defy everything but not a EUR 1000 flight (if the lovers are poor AF).
  • Jiu-Jitsu is not about smashing, it’s about showing up and getting smashed every day.
  • New technique to wake up:
    • Set the alarm clock.
    • Don’t snooze, turn it off.
    • Keep eyes closed and count to 10.
    • Then reverse count to 1 and open the eyes.
    • Breathe heavily.
    • Kick!
  • 3Ps of a man: Protect, Provide and Procreate.
  • You do not get independence just because… Rugova, first President of Kosovo made it happen pacifically and unofficially as a “shadow State” within Serbia. The independence is just a legitimation of something that was already de facto independent.
  • Like Enrico Mattei did with Eni and Ibrahim Rugova did with Kosovo, I believe that, “Great things should start silently and unofficially.”
  • SISP (Solution In Search of a Problem) is an inefficient way to find a startup idea. You should also have an unfair advantage (founders 1of10/market 20%/monopoly /acquisition €0 /Product 10x).
  • Startup 101: Say and do. Never get stuck in execution, do it within in weeks (not months) and learn from it. Clear communication. Motivation in face of defeat.
  • “I’d rather have crumbs with bums than steaks with fakes.”

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