• Advice for founders from Michael Seibel:
    • Garbage In Garbage Out. More advice is not better, find the best advice.
    • Hack your inner motivation for 6 to 10 years even if the startup goes bad.
    • Be comfortable in walking alone; think differently.
    • Investors are not good at giving advice, do not listen to them, they have never built anything themselves.
    • Strategies for career are useless for startups. Strategies for top athletes or top musicians with high failure rate are more effective.
    • Getting your CV “ready” to make a startup is BS.
    • Progress over time is better than progress itself. How do I demonstrate that we are moving quickly?
    • Motivation of the team is the number one thing that kills the business. Hire motivating people with potentials instead of specialists or assholes.
    • When you get product-market fit, hire an army. Before that, have a couple of Navy SEALs.
    • Failure is the rule. Make the world a better place. Most people are in startups just to look cool.
  • “The Chronicles of Miguel” or “The Old Men Fighting Podcast” should be publicly-available. Old men arguing on petty matters are entertaining as fuck.

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