• Pizzerias have a great business model.
  • “A life without a juice extractor is an empty life.”
  • 80%+ oral infections are viral.
  • “You want me to die a happy man? Kill me now!”
  • “When you buy useless things you become a slave, when you hire slaves you become a useless thing.”
  • Knees are fragile and even if the injury does not look serious, it is easy to fuck it up. Better to rest for 3 weeks than to staying 3 months without walking.
  • Europe has a good past, Kosovo has a good future.
  • I skipped writing for a month and that’s ok.
  • Moving to a new country has some very high costs the first month:
    • the travel itself;
    • the heavier luggage to store on the plane;
    • the temporary accommodation;
    • the deposit once you find the right place;
    • all the stuff and the equipment that (of course) won’t be in the new flat;
    • All the bureaucratic burden needed to get that residence permit (health insurance, bills and rental agreement, clean criminal records translated, and University acceptance letter, work contract or local business proof);
    • medical expenses related to viruses /bacterias your foreign organism is not used to.

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