• Green coffee beans have a shelf life of 12 months. Roasted coffee beans have the same shelf life, but they taste best in the first week after roasting.
  • A strong ideology and a sound propaganda can blind the mind of even the smartest people. Respect their opinion and do not reciprocate if they disrespect yours.
  • Is democracy the best form of government? Its effectiveness depends on the context. Countries that do not have significant problems and have a small to medium population.
    • If you look at Switzerland, that’s a successful democracy. Everyone can vote online and experts brainstorm and list the pros and cons of each choice. People rule.
    • In biggest communities, i.e. EU or US, I believe democracy is a failure, the crime rate in US is terribly-high, inequality in US and now in EU is spiking up, and the establishment rules under the mob rule (ochlocracy) misaligned from the interests of the people.
  • Dictatorship is bad? Think again, it also depends on the context. If a country has serious problems and the guy in command is not a dick.
    • Lee Kwan Yew was the dictator that got Singapore from being a little piece of dirt in the sea to one of the strongest Asian economies. Everyone wants to live in Singapore now.
    • It’s undeniable that Muammar Gaddafi made Lybia and Africa better places. He did more than any democratic President / Prime Minister ever did for his country. Got casually-killed by US military right after he announced the plan to unite all African economies under one single currency that could destabilise the hegemony of the dollar.
    • Rodrigo Duterte increased the safety of the Philippines, a country that had a lot of problems with rapes, thefts and drug dealers. He started strengthening trade relationships with the neighbouring countries to reduce Philippines dependency from US trade, and then US propaganda got all the world to believe he was a criminal (while he got 80+ % consent from his people).
    • Yugoslavia was one of the greatest economies under Tito.
  • As always, it depends. Just think with your head, tolerant and do not fight for opinions that somebody else put in your head. That’s not being smart, that’s being a dick.

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