• Chances are that we gonna have Earth as one single nation:
    • More government centralisation, everyday we have bigger blocks of alliances (EU, US empire, BRICS);
    • No Government will ever decide to voluntarily reduce its size even if it’s for the benefit of its citizens, but will always attempt to grow bigger or acquire allies;
    • Newer generations won’t care about racism, nationalism. Cultures and national identities are blending with instant communication and faster travel;
    • Remote working makes people work from everywhere so that underdeveloped economies with lower costs will grow faster since more appealing to live in. Salaries and costs will even out across the Globe;
    • Nobody knows what visas are for. Go to an embassy, a consulate and ask WHY people need visas, most probably will tell you bullshit like, “this is how it is.”
    • Easier and cheaper to target every market of a big corporation, unified cultures, reduce language complexity, no import tariffs and cheaper transports. We all know that big corporations and governments go hand in hand.
    • How can it be stopped? Even if the two mega blocks, USA and BRICS ,continue to have an economic war for decades eventually they will ally to sell to each others’ markets. Is blockchain a threat for centralisation? Not really, on the contrary, governments are rolling out new control measures based on blockchain technology.
  • Mama Mantia has the best burek in Pristina, but only some days, sometimes it has less meat and it’s dry and bready. Picadilly is also great but it is more consistent.
  • Families, companies and governments are economic units that work in the same way: they have to manage incomes, costs and savings in a way that all the members benefit from it.

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