• On November 11th Latvians have a national holiday that celebrates Lacplesis.
    • The story tells that when his father was threatened by a bear, Lacplesis protected him. Lacplesis used to kill bears with bare hands smashing their jaws. He soon became a knight. Shortly a very evil knight, called the dark knight came to existence. The two were on another league comparing to normal soldiers. They fought continuously until Lacplesis threw the dark knight and himself into a cold river. They both died on November 11th.
    • This date is also a celebration to Latvian soldiers that reached their apex of military strength during World War I.
  • Dogs with a tag on the ear were sterilised by the local municipalities. Often that’s not the case because the veterinarians are corrupted.
  • I have heard that diets without fresh proteic foods are the cause of the low rates of testosterone in modern males.
  • Dry aged meat is supposed to be tastier.

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