• If you claim improbable events, it is good to provide details and proofs.
  • There is a new pokemon generation every 3 years. The designs of each depend on the art direction planned for the games. Some are better than others but the topic is subjective and controversial. Generation 5 is by far the one with crappiest designs. The first 3 generations are quite nice. The rest is average.
  • Coding is draining.
  • A UNIX timestamp is a very long number which counts the number of seconds from Jan 01, 1970. At the moment I am writing it’s 1667986649.
  • Hypercasual games are played by young kids from 5 to 20 years old.
  • I have tried the pizzas in the Balkans: they are drier, with sauces, chicken, and cheese instead of mozzarella.
  • There are 3D cards called motion cards in which there are several images stored. Lenticular technology allows the image to change according to light refractions. Initially they hosted 2 or 3 images, now they can host even 1 to 2 seconds of video and can be very creative business cards.

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