• Why people grow inedible chestnuts? I have found out the inedible variety is known as “horse chestnut” in English.
    • In ancient times, they gave horse chestnuts to horses for to chew. This remedy was supposed to heal them from coughing.
    • Horse chestnuts come from India; standard chestnuts are European.
    • Their shells are green with short spikes while the standard ones are brown with longer spikes.
    • Their trees are similar. The inedible variety presents bigger leafs with lighter shades of green. They are both majestic trees from an ornamental point of view.
    • The horse chestnut contains “escin”, a potent antioxidant that can be harvested to gain microcirculatory benefits. Effective in the healing of swollen hemorrhoids, cellulitis and other circulatory issues.

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