• Bullshit laws = all these “laws” that are made just to talk.
    • Italy is the holy grail of bullshit laws. Medias have a lot of space to fill, so why not fill it with bullshits?
    • Latest example: “Flash News: EUR 20’000 to all the couples who marry in 2023!’ and politicians talk about it, “yes, we think new couples need this money and it’s right”. The opposition: “money should be better spent than this, because not everyone will have a marriage in Church because we are a laic country”. So where is the bullshit you may ask? NOISE, just noise. To get EUR 20’000 for your marriage:
      • you need to be earning less than EUR 23’000 gross.
      • you need to spend EUR 100’000 for a marriage, because *here comes the bullshit* EUR 20k is the maximum tax deduction that you can claim from 20% of your marriage expenses.
    • Basically nobody fits under this umbrella, this is a law for nobody and it’s all over the news as a serious thing. It’s ridiculous.

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