• Men can have children any time, women have a deadline and end up settling down with terrible people just because they want to experience motherhood. Freezing eggs has a prohibitive cost that is above EUR 5’000 and it lasts years because they charge more than 1k a year for the egg parking lots. This should be free. You want gender equality? Make the frozen egg foundation.
  • I found out multivitamins are not what you think they are.
    • Vitamin A, D, E, and K are liposoluble so can be digested and absorbed in fats. While vitamins B and C are hydrosoluble so they need to be digested in water. Therefore you won’t be getting the full contents of you multivitamin pill if these vitamins are all held together.
    • They contain the bare minimum amount to not die, but the amounts are pretty poor for a standard feeding.
    • They are not a shortcut for good health. Better to focus on a healthy diet and buy specific supplements such as Vitamin D3 in winter, magnesium and omega 3.

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