• It’s hard to make a gift or a surprise that raises the bar from the previous one but does not raise it too much so that expectations are kept low. That’s always the big dilemma.
  • I went to the home town of my girlfriend and we were constantly pestered by Roma children begging for money. In distance, we have assisted to one of the ugliest scenes: the older brother of these kids pushing them and hitting them in order to make them beg more, while he was sitting and waiting. I have decided to read more about the topic and here is what I found:
    • These Roma beggars operate in networks and if you don’t perform you receive violence.
    • They earn more than the average salary.
    • They make more children in order to use them as tools because it’s easier to be compassionate towards a kid. A Roma woman can often have more than 10.
    • Some mutilate themselves or pretend to be handicapped to collect more money.
    • Babies are often drugged so they sleep quietly in the arms of their mothers. This sometimes results in early death.
    • The fathers, mothers and older brothers usually hide and collect money from the little kids.
    • They often own Mercedes and live in expensive mansions; begging is a daily job.
    • This industry is sick and should not be supported. Romanians are giving them less money year by year; for this reason the beggars are invading other countries in which people are not aware of the exploitation behind.

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