• In my humble opinion, the best burek in Prishtina can be found at Mama Mantia.
  • The stages of the perfect cunnilingus (source: “She Comes First”):
    • One slow from bottom to top, fourchette to front commissure, brush clitoris lightly and go down while pulling up the mons pubis gently to tighten the lips.
    • Establish a rhythm licking vaginal entrance from top to bottom 15-20 times. Then halfway strokes from bottom to top 5 times and rest the tip of the tongue on the clitoris. Increase by one until you reach 10 repetitions.
    • Reinforce the rhythm and introduce variety, i.e. horizontal /diagonal strokes, cat licks, shadow finger, rope a dope, flat tongue still.
    • Come-hither movements with hands and fingers first on the ceiling of the vagina (the inner roots of the clitoris) and then reversed on the vaginal floor. In both cases the outer hand presses from the outside. While doing so keep licking with the same rhythm or keep the tongue still on the clitoris.
    • Add the middle finger and keep stimulating for a while. Then apply firm pressure with the two fingers on the ceiling from inside and lick the clitoris with short, vertical strokes. Keep the fingers pressed and enjoy a short break, stimulate other parts of the body, share some wine, etc.
    • Now apply more pressure on the clitoris with a steady licking rhythm, keep the fingers firmly pressed on the clitoris from inside and support with a hand under the buttocks. Make a snarl and press your gums on the area above her clitoris.
    • Keep the rhythm, do not speed up. When she is within 90 seconds to orgasm the clitoral head will enter the hood. In this state, keep the pressure with a firm hand under her butt, constrain her movements and bring the legs together. May add a fingertip in the anus here to enhance stimulation.
    • Lick lightly, skip some beats, add some sudden, precise licks until she orgasms and pushes your head away due to the high sensitivity.
    • It’s easier to achieve a penetrative orgasm if the penetration happens after the cunnilingus. Remember to close well.

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