• AI tools to remember:
    • Murf.ai for realistic voices
    • Rytr.me or Jarvis for copywriting ideas
  • Every food packaging sellable in a supermarket needs the following:
    • Statement of identity (name of food)
    • Net quantity of contents
    • Ingredients (listed in order)
    • Signature line (name and address of manufacturer, distributor, or packer)
    • Nutritional information (facts panel)
    • Allergen declarations
    • Safe handling instructions (refrigerated, expiration date, etc.)
    • UPC barcode
    • Brand
    • Product image
    • Packaging specifications (glossy, transparent, etc.)
  • Michael Singer: “People tend to manipulate others and look for gratification from external sources because they are not OK on the inside”
  • I like the rubber hose style.

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