• To open an LLC in Kosovo is easy and free. Doing it online is better than going to their office since all the documents are already pre-made and ready to be adapted to your business. Everything is quick and in English; in 3 working days the business is registered.
    • After that, it is required to register the tax number, in such sense a local VAT representative with a Kosovo ID card is needed to register. VAT returns have to be filed on a monthly basis.
    • Your HQs need to keep copies of the statute, the charter, the annual and interim balance sheets (incl. the income statements and the financial statements), and the tax returns. Documents related to the last 3 business years are required.
  • If you want to work in algorithmic trading, it is advisable to be hired first in another role in an algo fund and then move internally.
  • To navigate directories in the terminal ‘ls’ shows the contents of the current directory while ‘cd’ followed by the new directory path changes the current folder.
  • When adding modules to a new python project, create a new virtual environment with ‘virtualenv venv’, select it with ‘source /venv/bin/activate’ and add modules with ‘pip install xxx’.

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