• The most flattering thing you can do for a chef is to ask for just a small portion, eat it fully and then ask 2 big dishes.
  • Some individuals evolved through their lives to become parasites. They look and sound like all of us, it seems they are temporarily in need but in reality they are always in need.
  • I was sceptical but Brufen is a great painkiller.
  • When do you need a travel?
    • not right after you came back from another travel;
    • when you work in a toxic environment for too much time without breaks, especially when working over time;
    • when you never left your home country;
    • when you need to grieve;
    • when you feel lost and want to understand yourself (do it alone);
    • when you want to have fun with friends and/or family;
    • when you want to explore a new culture;
    • when in your country there is not much sun;
    • when you found your love online and you promised to visit.

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