• Being arrogant helps in making a good career. If you are humble, they eat you alive. There is no friendship at work. Be assertive.
  • It is funny how you always try to do the profession that makes you look better in the eyes of the society, i.e. “I want to be a manager, I want to be an engineer,” and you often say to yourself, “when I make money, I will do that thing.” You are always afraid about doing that thing directly and postpone it even for several years, but then you realise that doing something for the sake of pleasing your perception of others’ judgement is futile. So should you just leave your work as manager or engineer to do that “thing?” Probably not, those years of struggle and waiting dreaming about that “thing” will make your desire more ardent. Moreover, even though it seems better to follow advice and start that thing immediately, most people need the times to be ripe to act.
  • Inner self-realisation linked to experience is almost always the spark of change. External advice is for those who have enough critical sense to recognise good advice and enough humility to act on it.

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