• Tony Robbins’ 3 decisions:
    • What are you gonna focus on? Change your body, change language patterns, change how you feel;
    • What is the meaning? Pick the best meaning (you make it bad or good);
    • What am I gonna do?
  • Jim Rohn transformational advice:
    • It is not what you get but what you become, salary catches up to your level of competence. If you want an above-average life, you should become an above-average person.
    • You can’t get more time, but you can create more value.
    • For things to change, you gotta change. No chance but change.
    • Don’t major in minor things.
    • Life and business is like the changing seasons. You can’t change the seasons, but you can change yourself.
      • Learn how to handle the winters. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom.
      • Learn how to take advantage of springs.
      • Learn to prevent the intruder of taking all the good you started. All good will be attacked. All values must be defended.
      • Learn how to reap in the fall without complaint. Take full responsibility.
    • It’s not what happens that changes the quantity and quality of your life. It’s what you do. Everyday you wish you can change your life. What can you do?
    • You can commit a positive act that could forever alter your life.
    • Start with the little disciplines and train the muscle.
    • Self-motivation, the only motivation there is. You can’t change people, they can change themselves.
    • Don’t send your ducks to eagle school. It won’t help. Good people are not trained, they are found. Too much training means you found the wrong people.
    • Step 1. Find out how things work.
      • Capture the ideas on your journal.
      • Study. If you wish to be successful, study success. If you want to be wealthy, study wealth. If you want to be happy, study happiness.
      • You may not be able to do all you find out, but you should find out all you can do.
      • Have childish curiosity (be curious, be excited, have faith and trust).
      • Become a good reader and learn from other people experiences
      • Ignorance is poverty not bliss. The worst is to be sick, broke and stupid. Learn so you won’t get hurt.
    • Step 2. Learn to get on the good side of the way things work.
      • Law of Use. Whatever you don’t use, you lose. Take a new inventory of yourself. Make sure everything you have got is used.
      • Law of Sowing and Reaping. Whatever you sow, you shall reap. Whatever you reap is what you sow. If you plant good, you reap good. If you plant bad, you reap bad. You always reap much more than what you sow. The whole truth is that you could lose. If you don’t sow, you don’t even have a chance.
    • Goal setting. If you do not set goals, instead of designing a life you make a living. It’s easy to get trapped by circumstances and settle for existence rather than substance.
      • You need reasons. Reasons come first, answers come second.
      • What turns you on? What turns you off? “The best revenge is massive success.” -F. Sinatra
      • Long range goals = Dreams.
      • Short range goals = confidence builders.
      • Goals are of 3 kinds: economic goals (for profit), things you want (list to check off), and personal development goals.
      • Celebrate achievements. Make losing painful and winning joyful. Congratulate yourself.
        1. Make a plan. People who fail to plan are planning to fail. Future does not get better by hope; future gets better by plan.
        2. Write your goals down.
        3. Check the size and the kind of your goals. Goals affect you.
        4. To get whatever you want, ask. Asking is the beginning of receiving. Failure to ask is the problem. Receiving is like an ocean, there’s plenty.
          • Ask with intelligence: don’t mumble, be clear, be specific, define what you want and describe what you want.
          • Ask with faith: believe you can get what you want like a child. Make plans like an adult and believe in them like a child.
    • People in the TGIF club are those who have given up on life.
    • 4 emotions that can drive you to change your life in a day:
      • Disgust. “I have had it.”
      • Decision. If it’s easy do it easy, if it’s hard do it hard, just get it done.
      • Desire. Want it too bad. It comes from inside. It can be triggered so welcome every human experience.
      • Resolve. “I will.” Promising yourself you will never give up.
    • Attitude diseases:
      • Lack of action. Don’t just be listeners, be doers!
      • Over caution or “the timid approach to life.” It is all risky, not doing something is riskier. “Life is risky, you are not gonna get out alive.” Don’t ask for security, ask for adventure. How is more important than how long you live.
      • Pessimism. Finding all the reasons why it can’t be done. “As you think so you become.” Do not read newspapers full of disgrace!!! What you absorb becomes the fabric of your reality. It does not matter where you get the bad stuff from. Stand guard at the door of your mind.
      • Complaining, crying, wiping. Spend 5 minutes complaining and you’ll waste 5.
    • Here is how you build anything: select the ingredients, keep out the wrong ingredients and it starts with thought. Be wise and careful.

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