• I was wondering why my progression in BJJ hit a plateau, and here is the answer: Deliberate Practice.
  • Principles of deliberate practice.
    • Focused and Specific: Deliberate practice involves focusing on specific aspects of performance that need improvement, rather than just repeating the same tasks over and over.
    • Challenging: The tasks or activities involved in deliberate practice should be challenging, but still within the individual’s reach. The goal is to stretch the individual’s abilities, not exceed them.
    • Immediate Feedback: Deliberate practice requires immediate feedback so that the individual can adjust their performance in real-time.
    • Repetition: Repetition is key to deliberate practice, as it allows the individual to refine their skills and embed new learning.
    • Time and Effort: Deliberate practice takes time and effort, and should be done regularly over an extended period to see significant improvement.
    • Purposeful: The individual should have a clear understanding of the goals and objectives of the practice, and focus their efforts on reaching those goals.
    • Mentally Demanding: Deliberate practice should engage the individual mentally, as well as physically. This includes paying attention to the task, focusing on goals, and constantly adjusting performance.
  • In BJJ, with more time of training, practitioners become faster at learning techniques. Therefore a quick rotation of moves within a day is easy to swallow for a blue belt. While for a white belt, the best would probably be to focus on one single move per week and use it as often as possible. It would be nice to have a roadmap.

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