• It’s awful how a system that does not create any value thrives on the disgraces of some individuals. In Italy, a man who crashes with a motorbike and is unable to communicate, move and express himself cannot die and has to be hospitalized. The State loves this because a lot of people, the so called “vultures” eat on the unlucky one.
  • Let’s say you are a lawyer but you suck! Very good! Now you are an administrator of this living corpse and you automatically get 10k /year moving money that is not yours.
  • Let’s say you are a lazy guy without a degree. Very good! now you are a care giver, you get free house, free food, above average salary and the only thing you have to do is changing a diaper, doing a couple of injections and washing the corpse once a week.
  • Let’s say you are a physiotherapist. Awesome! Even though there is no chance of recovery, the administrator has to move money so you can sell the miracle and bill EUR 45 /hour for moving a corpse.
  • Since 4 years there is a law that allows Italians to express their will to not continue this life in case it happens, this is called “DAT” (Disposizioni anticipate di Trattamento), but the country did not advertise it and nobody knows about it. More than the 0.1% of the Italians are in these shitty conditions and there are many vultures leveraging on them for a personal gains. This is our world.

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