• Immanuel Casto’s differences between love and a shallow relationship:
    • There is trust;
    • There is a chance to come back when someone makes an error
    • Taking the relationship for granted is bad;
    • Sexuality evolves from crush to love and there is no need to satisfy the other every time and it is okay. Dialogue should be there;
    • There is compromise. “I am sorry but this is how I am” does not exist;
    • In case of a bad situation, the two support each other and grow through it;
    • Vulnerability is good, I show you my problems. No one is perfect you just end up with someone that has more things you like than those you dislike;
    • In a great relationship there is open talk and there are healthy boundaries;
    • In a shallow relationship, there are fake looks and behaviors that get dropped after the relationship is started;
    • Unconditioned loved does not exist. There is always a condition, you should not stay in a relationship that drains you emotionally. If you invest a lot in it and get little in return, it may not be meant to be;
    • Long term is a conscious decision of both parts;
    • An adult does not have the right to be loved, he has the right to respect. Love is a privilege and it requires work. Only kids and dogs have the right to be loved.

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