• AWS Cloud Essentials Summary Part 1:
    • Hackers continuously try to hack your AWS account and make sure they can overbill you and shut you down. Put security in place always.
    • AWS is pay-as-you-go with hundreds of services that have different pricing depending on features and geography.
    • Main advantage is that you do not have to buy a physical server, you just “rent” a secure space on the AWS servers and pay according to usage.
    • An EC2 instance is the main AWS equivalent to a server. They can have different purposes and can scale vertically. You need them, you use them; you do not need them, you shut them down. There are saving plans for 1+ years commitments.
    • Quote of the day from Dr. Werner Vogels: “Everything fails all the time so plan for failure so nothing fails.
    • Auto-scaling allows to handle higher capacities without overcommitting. You can scale up (more computing power to a single instance) and you can scale out (more instances).
    • ELB is AWS Load Balancer to distribute the traffic across multiple instances, so no server gets overloaded.
    • Apps can be:
      • Tightly-coupled or monolithic: it fails when there are bottlenecks;
      • Loosely-coupled: it handles capacity with buffers. AWS offers messaging (SNS) and queueing as buffers (SQS);
    • AWS Lambda is a serverless function that can be used to run code under 15 minutes. Serverless means you pay for usage and not for hours rented.
    • If cannot be handled with serverless functions, AWS Fargate allows to handle serverless containers and orchestrate them.

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