• There are some people that you can tell they are inherently good but talking with them is annoying and it drains you emotionally. This happens because,
    • they talk a lot,
    • do not listen,
    • never ask open-ended questions,
    • drag conversation too much until it dries out,
    • dwell on shallow topics,
    • tell unfunny jokes,
    • etc…
  • Well guess what? If you want to sacrifice your precious time to listen to someone like this just because he/she is inherently-good, surprise surprise you may be a good person too! However, learn to cherish your time and your emotional state.
  • It is counterproductive to identify with a negative trait using sentences like, “yes, but this is just who I am,” or “yes, but people from my ethnicity tend to do this thing a lot.”
  • You are aware of it, work on it. No excuses.

By Doc

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