• Love and being love is the best. I always strive to make it feel fresh.
  • Y Combinator on the value of prioritizing KPIs: Revenue growth is urgent, addressing bottlenecks comes second and then comes the rest.
  • I have read an article about Mo Gawdat, AI expert, that told his employees at Google to hold off from having children since the world he and AI are creating will be harder for humanity and there will be a risk of extinction. I would fire a guy like this any day:
    • first of all, you cannot be that pessimist in a C-level position: a big component of your job is to inspire people to not resign from their shitty-paid and mediocre jobs;
    • second of all, you really need to be a presumptuous prick to recommend your employees to hold off from building a family because you know better.
  • Society oppression is obviously becoming tougher for the younger generations. That is why paradigms have to shift, people need to wake up and better humans will come forth.

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