• YC Method to prioritise KPIs:
    • Write some ideas that might help,
    • Sub-rank them according to complexity and execution time,
    • Diagnose why KPI is not moving, be honest about WHY,
    • Do honest retrospectives, learn and adjust,
    • Move fast, talk to users fast, churn through bad ideas fast.
  • YC Tasks that should always be priority:
    • Talking to users, answer customer support,
    • Build features you know users will pay for,
    • Getting users to pay for what you have built.
  • YC primary KPI: revenue growth (or in few cases: subscribers, letters of intent);
  • YC secondary KPIs: retention/churn, unit economics, acquisition cost and payback time.
  • Forget vanity metrics.
  • Do not split focus on more KPIs.
  • 5-7% WoW growth – good; 10% WoW growth exceptional.
  • Iterate fast to get to product-market fit.
  • Top-down: Set a target, get obsessed by it and work backwards.
  • Bottom-up: if money was not a problem, what is realistic to achieve next week?
  • Avoid free signups unless you benefit from network economies like Uber, Whatsapp. Feedback from free users is useless since they have very different expectations.

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