• Holiday in Sicily, the Good:
    • Beautiful Baroque Architecture from the nobles of the 18th Century, nothing to envy to more touristic cities in the north like Florence or Venice. Check out Noto and Ortigia.
    • Toothsome food culture: arancini, caponata, parmigiana, cannoli, granite, seltz soda. Without even mentioning the fish…
    • Relaxing, fabulous beaches. Depending on the side of the island you can admire breathtaking sunsets or sunrises.
    • It was cheap! Groceries were very cheap, you can eat a meal with less than 10 euros, most of the fun is free.
    • Creative and relaxed people.
  • Holiday in Sicily, the Bad:
    • Economy is shit so most Sicilians from 20 to 40 years old don’t live there and come there only in Summer for holidays.
    • Cannot imagine going there without renting a car.

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