• Usually I like to play it low, and not brag too much but I believe I am the best at finding the best woman for me. I nailed it.
  • Marinades are a joy. I have forgotten how much I enjoyed marinating meat when I was at the University. The flavours are so delicious and it requires so little effort. Just put the meat in a bag with some other stuff and leave it there for more than 4 hours. Sweet!
  • Apparently if you pat dry the meat, it will stir cook better. What does that mean? Basically you remove any superficial humidity wrapping it with blotting paper and gently patting on it. Pat pat.
  • Maturity in relationships comes after the harsh times.
  • Found this article on reddit about “finding a niche” and I really like it. It is definitely a good read. I am planning to put out free, helpful content like that when I have more time.
  • This hands on tutorial is extremely clever in explaining how to use React. Bravo.
  • Jean Claud Van Damme is a legend and supports Kosova. Apparently not all Belgians are dicks.

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