• I love nonfiction books, with the years I found out this:
    • Books with titles that sound more useful are often less interesting and useful than books with more generic or unconventional titles.
    • Usually nobody reinvents the wheel so for every domain it is possible to find an ancient tome that contains all the ideas that new bestsellers re-vomit and repackage as “revolutionary.”
    • You read them faster when you need them, so don’t push it if it does not feel right at a given moment.
    • Even though you are busy, stepping back and reading gives perspective.
    • Ideas come from overlapping different domains, let’s say you are psychologist, read a book abut gardening.
    • They say reading 5 books about a topic makes you an expert. Some books really help to give an overview, but without some practical grasping of the topic how can you be an expert? Theory is good until it’s not.

By Doc

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