• Walked 18km and half of my soul came out in liquid form. Very beautiful forests.
  • Ultimate peace is unachievable, we can do stuff to get stability.
  • Life is a sandbox without meaning. “Let’s keep it creative.”
  • Riga’s burger is really the best chicken burger of Pristina.
  • I should attend gender training. Sometimes I may be disrespectful without knowing it.
  • As a sales guy, I used to think it was possible to become experts in categorizing people according to a couple of details and infer on everything else about them. Now I do not believe it is something possible and I am ok with it, asking is more fun.
  • Nationalities, professions, genders, visas, etc. I saw Kosovans, now I see people and abstract constructs.
  • Marathon des sables. Mad people running 250km in the desert with a backpack. Added to the bucket list.

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