• Istanbul: seeing a place you used to like after 8 years hurts.
    • The inflation did not lead to cheaper prices, on the contrary scammers use them to confuse people more. Long existing businesses keep decent prices.
    • Forgot the Turkish culture of giving wrong advice even if you don’t know. It was annoying as fuck. Phones with internet are a priority in Turkiye.
    • Taxis are dangerous or hard to get.
    • Turks have 2 prices: locals pay half or less usually. Some Turks are even that idiot to show the two different prices on the same billboard.
    • You can bargain a lower price and agree for it, let’s say 50 turkish lira but when you pay with a 10o turkish lira banknote the asshole can still give you only 20 turkish lira.
    • Women have the same faces: combo of piggy nose and plastic cheekbones / lips.
    • Full of men with a diaper on their neck and hair transplanted on their forehead.
  • Do paintings have vaginas? Should paintings have vaginas?
  • Mannequins in Turkey have weird poses.
  • Should you help people that try to make you feel guilty?

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