• AWS sounds cheap but very confusing, checked some courses they have and you can tell they are good in teaching. The amount of services they can offer may be cheap but you end up outsourcing a lot to them.
  • Their method is:
    • 1. We have cloud infrastructure that are better than your shitty physical server for many reasons (this is actually true).
    • 2. You can use your current providers and simply migrate them on the cloud.
    • 3. However you can use this amazon service to do the same faster and cheaper because it is better integrated.
    • 4. You don’t know how to set it up? Use this other service.
    • 5. You forgot to close a server instance or move a storage from readily-available to archived? And then they bill you hard.
  • It’s a method that works great for them, lots of capital and to build servers everywhere and a lot of employees that have to assemble in small teams and work and their weirdly-named projects and then connect them somehow.
  • Other solutions are better when comparing service to service, let’s say Amazon has few unbeatable services but the laziness of integrating the AWS cloud to other providers is their trump card.

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