• I am sure there are good Serbians that are honestly-ashamed by the genocide of Milosevic and the recent tensions in Northern Kosovo. However, how can we break the long-lasting Serbian propaganda’s effects on the younger generations?
  • Prince Lazar knew he was going to lose against the Ottomans in the Battle of Kososvo (1389) and they invented the “Kosovo Myth,” that he magically saw God that told him to keep fighting to secure a place in heaven. Oh come on! Was Lazar the first Jihadist?
  • When I saw Ana Brnabic, Serbian prime minister, the other night on the Italian news telling that she wants to preserve the peace. It made me sick.
  • People wake up! Serbian government wants Kosovo because of the natural resources in Mitrovica, all the rest is bullshit to manipulate the manipulable.

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