• I will just try to fast today. A cup of coffee, water and nothing else. Let’s see what happens; it should be beneficial to do a fasting day once a week.
  • Published the first decent blog post. I shall prioritize “intelligent tasks” in the morning and copy-paste stuff when the brain is tired and not vice versa.
  • I have investigated on the making process of whey protein powder. It takes about 200L of milk to make 1kg of powder. 1L of Milk costs a lot. The best method to make your own whey powder would be to gather liquid whey from small cheesemakers since it’s a byproduct they do not use and it’s often thrown away. I should make some calculations but it sounds fun.
  • Seitan looks disgusting but it is not hard to make. It can be found close to tofu in supermarkets.
  • I wasted lots of time with the blog post because after a certain length it update slow.
  • Stuff to do tomorrow:
    • Pizza at Bruni.
    • Eat the peppers and the bananas.
    • 1 Hour of Thai.
    • Sinek.
    • Personal Project.
    • Next log.

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